Name: Dr. Malorie K. Schneider
License: PY7518
Degree(s)/Certifications: I have a PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University, Oregon
I am also a certified Preparation and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) instructor
Intern Supervisor Type: Qualified Supervisor MHC interns
Work Location: 1700 N Dixie Highway, Suite 103, Boca Raton, FL 33432
Phone Number: 561-672-1623
Website address:
Email address:
Clinical experience: I completed a clinical psychology residency at Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio Texas and continued to serve as an Air Force officer and psychologist until 2007. I was the Chief of Psychological Services for Altus AFB, and was the Alcohol and Drug Program Director at Hurlburt Field, AFB. In my military assignments I worked with a wide range of mental health issues and also trained/supervised mental health technicians and alcohol and drug abuse counselor trainees. My clinical practice today reflects the breadth of expertise I gained from my military experience. I have a small private practice where we embrace the “whole-person” approach to wellness.
Areas of Interest: In 1998 I completed a three-month training in DBT at the Portland DBT Clinic and that has greatly influenced my therapy practice. My passion is working with personality disorders using a DBT-based approach. The breadth and depth of training and experience I gained while in the military strongly carries through to my civilian practice. I work with trauma, relationships, anxiety, depression, and self-worth. Additionally, I use my skills to help individuals identify a career path, overcome plateaus in career advancement, and discover their passion in life. I provide individual, couples, and group therapy for ages 14 and up. I also utilize psychological assessments in diagnosis and treatment planning.

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