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Bridging the gap between   graduation and licensure

This site is devoted to showcase the distinguished and multifaceted community of Qualified Supervisors in Florida. The professionals listed here have been verified by Medical Quality Assurance (MQA) Services as Qualified Supervisors for their specialty. Visitors and Users of this website are advised to verify all current information, license status, and disciplinary history.



LMHC serves to honor Qualified Supervisors who are eager to mentor our bright and talented graduates in mental health, marriage and family therapy, and social work. is a website that uniquely serves the Florida Community of graduates and qualified supervisors.

At we know how difficult it can be to find the right supervisor in one's field and area of interest. That is why we designed this service and website for interns and supervisors alike-to help bridge the gap between graduation and licensure.

By focusing on local supervisors who have completed their requirements and training in qualified supervision, we narrow your search time to help you find the kind of supervision you really want, and the counseling professionals who really want you.

Are you a Qualified Supervisor in Florida looking to have an intern or add a recent graduate to your team? You've come to the right place. is here to help supervisors and interns of the field find each other. You can be listed in this Qualified Supervisor directory for a one time fee of $90 per license (ie. $90 for MHC, $180 if Supervisor for MHC and MFT and want to be listed on

both pages) Edits are only $10 per request. Join us today! There's never been a better time to join. Payment accepted through Venmo @Maria-Martinez-Salazar code 7501 or Zelle 305-215-7501

Locally, nationally and internationally, is a vocal advocate for education and counselor mentoring. Place an ad on our site for an annual fee of $100 to promote your services. We will collaborate together in serving the needs of counselors, therapists, psychologists, and registered interns of Florida. During the month of June, get year 2 for free.

Do you enjoy teaching? Want to present? Is there something you are passionate about?

We will partner up with licensed psychologists and clinicians who have expertise on the topic they are presenting and offer your audience ceus for their attendance. Visit our CE PARTNER BONUS page for details. Evaluation and roster confimation is required.

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