Bridging the gap between graduation and licensure ™

​​"During my 17 years as a LMHC, I have attended many lectures, seminars and workshops.  The Qualified Clinical Supervision Training facilitated by Doctor Salazar, was without doubt, the best I have attended. The information was delivered in an excellent manner.  The exercises were both fun and educational.  Doctor Salazar displayed a unique ability of keeping attendees engaged while maintaining a keen focus on imparting understanding and learning, with richness, relevance and professionalism.  At the end of the program, I felt enthused, energized, eager and confident to begin Supervising Interns.  I highly recommend this Training."

"I traveled 5.5 hours to participate in Dr. Martinez's course. It was wellworth the time and money! Excellent experience - Educational and Growth Provoking!"
-Renee McQueen, Ed.D., LMHC, CAP

"I would recommend this course to all licensed professionals, regardless of location.I traveled to Miami from Clearwater Fl and it was well worth the travel! It was interactive, entertaining, educational and I feel confident to supervise registered interns after taking this course."

-Tiffany L. Werhner, MS, LMHC, PA

“Dr. Martinez’s training was highly interactive and engaging. I would definitely recommend this course to others. Not only is she knowledgeable but also very generous with that knowledge.”

- Carol Chehade, LCSW

“Excellent Course!  Instructor is very knowledgeable and makes the course work fun. I would definitely recommend this training for anyone interested in becoming a qualified supervisor.“

-Sara Zahlen

“This course ought to be experienced by anyone who is in  a supervisory position. It is an excellent course presented by a brilliant professor.“  

-Dr. Chuck Gerardi Ph.D., MS. Pharm D. (Tampa Bay)

“This course was excellent! Dr. Martinez is very knowledgeable. She provided various exercises that kept us engaged and helped to enhance the learning process. This course has helped to enhance my confidence as a clinical supervisor and surpassed my expectations. This course was rewarding and enjoyable. You will not be disappointed.”

-Nicola Chandler

“The course was exactly as advertised. Maria clearly knows what she is talking about and presented the material with thoroughness and consideration. Her enthusiasm for this was obvious and contagious. She enjoyed presenting and we all enjoyed and valued the presentation.”

-Elliot Shamis, LMHC

“Dr. Martinez-Salazar made the course interesting and enjoying. She used a combination of didactic presentation, appropriate writing assignments and role playing to enhance the learning experience."

- Stephen Herz, LMHC, CAP

“Learning process very interactive and trainer very knowledgeable and helpful.”

- Cynthia Conroy, Jupiter FL

" Dr. Martinez-Salazar is very personable and knowledgeable on the subject matter and was open to discussing questions and concerns during the course."

-Noemi Marquez, LCSW

"Maria, you did a great job streamlining the course material for us. I have learned quite a bit and feel comfortable about being a supervisor now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

-Remy Nelson

"Maria was very knowledgeable and made the Qualified supervisory course fun. Thanks for everything!" 

-Tina Wilken, LCSW

"This course was a great educational opportunity for me. It surpassed my expectations.Dr. Martinez is very engaging,knowledgeable of topic matter and made this 2-day presentation enjoyable. I will definitely recommend this course to colleagues."

-Michelle Rivera

"Excellent, useful. Dr. M is a skilled and delightful teacher."

-David B. Wohlsifer Ph.D, LCSW

"Very informative and interactive course. I felt I gained alot of insight and knowledge by the end."

-Natalie Diaz

"This was an exceptional course and I left with a plethora of resources and I embark on providing supervision to interns."

-Jorja Bailey, LMHC

"The course is very helpful for everybody who is interested. The training teaches you alot of resources you can use in your practice."

-Maria E. Medina

"Dr. Martinez-Salazar was prepared, professional, thorough, and engaged. This training was excellent! You need to do workshops about marketing! I would definitely attend. Thank you so much!"

-Alexis Cancemi

"This training was both informative and interactive which really was helpful for preparing professionals to transition to the role ofa supervisor."

-Bet Shaddinger

"I now have a better understanding of what is required of me as a qualified supervisor." "Thank you."

-Ana Peana

" It was a pleasure working with Dr. Martinez-Salazar. She made the course interactive and interesting. I was engaged throughout the entire process and I feel confident to supervise others based on what I learned." -RoseMarie

"I am so glad I took this course, it was very educational and fun!"

-Traci Rhone

" I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was very interactive and I learned a lot."

-Andrea Hamilton, LMHC

" I enjoyed the course to become a qualified supervisor in the state of Florida by Maria. I learned very useful information in the course material, from the videos, role plays and assignments but also from the networking opportunity/meeting other advanced professionals. I highly recommend this course to clinicians who want to become a qualified supervisor"

-Danielle Jacobs, LMHC

"This was an excellent training by Dr. Martinez. She presented the material in an thoughtful and effective manner. Additionally, I met some wonderful people to connect with professionally. Well worth the time and money."

-Ray Harvier, LCSW

"I thought I'd struggle through 12 hours but this was both educational and interactive. It was also fun. The time went by quicker than I thought it would.Thanks for the course and scholarship!! Well worth it!"

-Dione Massicot De Pooter, LCSW

Dr. Martinez-Salazar, Course Facilitator

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