required INtern coursework for licensure provided by our

sister company,  MDM Counseling and Mediation Services

MDM Counseling and Mediation Services is an approved provider for continuing education by

the Florida Board of Clinical Social Marriage & Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling. (CE Provider #50-11089)

 **Online courses are available for purchase individually.
HIV is $30 and  Domestic Violence is $20


*Once your payment is processed, you will be emailed the PDF file containing the CEU course(s)
which include a short true false assessment.

*A passing score of 70 must be obtained. You can resubmit your responses without penalty or additional cost.

*Each course is presented as a colorful PowerPoint presentation.

*After your course has been read and studied,  email your test responses to

*Upon completion of your test, your pdf printable certificate will be emailed to you within 3 business days.

         Welcome Florida            Registered Interns made it through a rigorous graduate program of 50 plus credits of courses and field experience.  did you know that most graduate programs in counseling often require double the amount of credits than other graduate degrees? well , they do. Feel proud, you worked hard! you have the knowledge, now comes further practice  as you continue to develop your skills as a clinician. 

chances are, among those 50 plus credits, you never took a course covering the next stop.  that gap we fall into between graduation and Licensure. is that bridge. that place of support

This website was created  with you in mind.  all qualified supervisors were once  too in that gap. we know how difficult  it can be to get the supervision you want and the guidance you need.

M.Y.S. provides you with some important pillars to licensure.  Below you will find helpful links to get you started. we wish you much success on your  road to licensure.





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                                           Bridging the gap between graduation and licensure ™


prep Course for the clinical social work exam

Instructor: Genna Lo Presti, LCSW

Owner: Bridget Hennessey, LMHC


prep Course for the clinical Mental Health Counselor exam

Instructor: Bridget Hennessey, LMHC





        HIV/DV $40

    HIV $30

domeStic Violence $20